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 Our Lady of Faith Community

A group of people who wished to attend Mass in English was lead by a Holy Ghost priest, Fr Frank Culhane, in the 1960s and 1970s.  Eventually, in order to exist officially, the Association of Our Lady of Faith was founded.

Responsibility for the Association rests with the Council.  However, it is a Mission Council, rather than a parish Council as Our Lady of Faith is a mission, not a parish.  The Association is a legal entity according to the civil law and is governed by that law.

When the Federation of Catholic Parishes was formed, the Association joined in with this manner of organising the Roman Catholic Church in a Protestant state, the Canton of Vaud.  The chapel at Béthusy became the seat of the Association and the Community numbers waxed and waned as years passed.

In 2001, access to the chapel at Champittet was graciously permitted by the proprietors and the Directors of the college.

Today, few of the founding members remain in Switzerland and most of the people who worship with us are not aware of the great work that those individuals have bequeathed to us.

Thus, it is not only important that our Community and visitors are aware of the history of the Association but that they are also sensitive to its needs so that they may contribute their talents and time in serving the Mission.

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