The Association of Our Lady of Faith is a legal body in terms of civil law.  It has an administrative council and an Annual General Meeting.  The Council of the Association is elected each year at the AGM, which is held in the first quarter of the year. 

If you’d like to put yourself forward as a future Council member please send an email ahead of the next AGM to

Fr Stephen Gilhooley

Fr Steve joined Our Lady of Faith in 2010 as Director of the Mission.

Pam Molaschi

Pam joined Our Lady of Faith in 1999 when she moved to Switzerland from the UK, having spent ten years in HK and one in Australia.  She is married, has a teenage daughter and lives in Grandvaux.  Secretary of the Council, Pam co-ordinates our Catechism Programme and takes care of administrative matters for the Mission.

Andrea Bruce

Andrea lived in Switzerland for 12 years. She is a British citizen, is married with two teenage children.  A UK qualified accountant, Andrea has been our Treasurer since December 2013.  She is not a member of the Council.

Oliver Fuh

Oliver moved to Switzerland from Cameroon in 2001 and joined OLOF in 2002. He moved from Lausanne to Lugano for studies in 2006 after which he lived in Bern and Murten. Oliver came back to Lausanne (Cugy) in 2013 and made an obvious dive for OLOF.  He is married to Rita and they have three young children. Oliver joined the Council in 2018.

George Joseh
George Joseph

George has been a member of the Mission since 2002, when he moved from India on a "short" mission.  He is currently residing in Chavannes-pres-Renens with his wife, Shiny, and their three children - Marianne, Michael and Mathieu.

Colette McEvoy

Colette has been a member of our Mission since 1987.  She lives in Epalinges, and has three grown-up daughters.  
Elected to Council in 2016, voted Vice President of the Council for 2017-18 and President for 2018-20, Colette previously served from 1996-98.

Xavier Arreguit

Xavier grew up in Switzerland and first joined the Mission in 1985 after meeting his future wife, Nuala.  They were married in 1989 by the then Mission priest, Fr Lamy.  After a working break away in 1990/1991 in California, they rejoined in 1991.  They live in Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, with two grown children, Jonathan and Stephanie.

Nuala Arreguit

Nuala grew up in Ireland, moved to Switzerland in 1984 to work at CHUV, and became a member of Our Lady of Faith that year.  She married Xavier in 1989 and they live in Le Mont-sur-Lausanne with their son, Jonathan, and daughter, Stephanie, who are both at University.  

Giovanni Greco

Giovanni joined Our Lady of Faith in 2009 when he moved to Switzerland from Kenya where he spent nearly ten years.
He is married to Zita Ortega and has two children, Paolo and Sofia. Giovanni has served the mission since his arrival as musician and member of Our Lady of Faith choir.  For a number of years, he and his wife taught catechism to pre-confirmation students.