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Our catechism programme presumes attendance at the 10.30am Mass on catechism Sundays.  We appreciate that occasionally this might not be possible but missing Mass should be the exception rather than the norm.  We also ask that you ensure your child/ren miss as few classes as possible and that they arrive promptly by 9.30am.  Students in our sacrament preparation classes who miss 4+ classes will be invited to repeat the year, to ensure they’re adequately prepared to receive the sacrament in line with diocesan requirements.

Religious Education Programme Registration Form 2023-24
Our Lady of Faith

English Speaking Roman Catholic Mission;

Catechism fees can be paid via the catechism TWINT QR code or online via our BCV a/c, details of both can be found on the About Us/Donate page of our website.  
CHF100 per child or CHF250 for 3+ children in the program.  If paying via BCV please put 'catechism 2023-24' as the reference'

Child(ren) speak English
Child(ren) write English
All Children named have been baptised

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