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​The Catechism Programme for children aged 5 and upwards runs from September to June each year, with a total of 16 classes.  Classes for all age groups are from 9.30am to 10.20am.  The fee is CHF100 per child or CHF250 for 3+ children in the programme.  Registrations for 2022-23 are now open. 

If you'd like to register your child please complete and return the form (in the Catechism section, top right of home page) asap as the forms are the basis for our planning, purchase of books, use of classroom space, etc.  
One registration form per family is required.   Please also read this information letter for an understanding of our expectations of you, the parents, when enrolling your child in catechism.

Catechism Schedule

Our Religious Education programme has been developed to cater for the needs of our community members whose children attend schools where religious education is not offered as a subject.  

We hope that what we offer will provide an opportunity for your child’s faith to be grown in an English-speaking environment.

Parental Responsibility
​The Church teaches us that ‘the parents are the first teachers in the faith’ and that ‘responsibility for educating your child in the faith lies with you’. What we offer is a structure that we hope will support you doing that within your family.

We appreciate that living in an environment where Catholic schooling in English is not easily available can make living the faith more of a challenge.  At Our Lady of Faith we are constrained by having to work within school terms and, combined with other holiday factors, this means that we have only 16 Sundays in a school year in which to teach a complete course.  Therefore, if your child is to benefit from what is offered we ask you to make a conscious effort to bring them to class (on time) and to reinforce the teaching at home, making sure your child does any homework (or reviewing the lesson with them afterwards) and makes up for any missed lessons.  Our volunteer teachers and assistants can only deliver the course successfully with parental help and support.


We are pleased to offer 9 different Catechism classes, 4 of which prepare children for the sacraments of Confession, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.  When we have sufficient volunteer teachers we add extra sacrament preparation classes, dividing the children into age-appropriate groups.  Otherwise we are only able to offer one group per year, regardless of the age-range of the children.  Teaching a wide-ranging age group is far from ideal so we always welcome volunteer teachers.

Infants - ages 5-6
Pre-First Holy Communion - ages 6-7+ - Year 1 of preparation for First Holy Communion & Confession

First Holy Communion - ages 7-8+ - Year 2 of preparation for First Holy Communion & Confession
Post FHC 1 - ages 8-9
Post FHC 2 - ages 9-10
Post FHC 3 - ages 10-11
Post FHC 4  - ages 11-12

Pre-Confirmation - ages 12-13+ - Year 1 of preparation for Confirmation

Confirmation - ages 13-14* - Year 2 of preparation for Confirmation

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