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We are pleased to offer 9 different Catechism classes, 4 of which prepare children for the sacraments of Confession, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.  When we have sufficient volunteer teachers we add extra sacrament preparation classes, dividing the children into age-appropriate groups.  Otherwise we are only able to offer one group per year, regardless of the age-range of the children.  Teaching a wide-ranging age group is far from ideal so we always welcome volunteer teachers.

Infants:  Ages 5-6
Pre-First Holy Communion:  Ages 6-7 - Year 1 of preparation for First Holy Communion & Confession
First Holy Communion:  Ages 7-8 - Year 2 of preparation for First Holy Communion & Confession
Post FHC 1:  Ages 8-9
Post FHC 2:  Ages 9-10
Post FHC 3:  Ages 10-11
Post FHC 4:  Ages 11-12
Pre-Confirmation:  Ages 12-13+ - Year 1 of preparation for Confirmation

Confirmation: Ages 13-14 - Year 2 of preparation for Confirmation


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