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Holy Week - 4 April 2020

Hello Everyone,

I hope we are all coping with the isolation.  We enter Holy Week where we will look specifically at suffering, and hopefully derive peace and strength from the One who transformed his own suffering into glory.  No palms this year (unless you improvise!).  Or make it a form of fasting, doing without.  Thursday sees the beginning of The Triduum.  Let's take the Holy Week story - and we've all know it since we were young children - so its not as if we need to go and check it up.  On the Sunday that Switzerland went into lock down and our Temple closed, the Gospel of John had Jesus stating that, the day is coming - in fact it is already here - when you will worship the Father neither in the Temple or on the mountain (Zion).  You will worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth.  God is Spirit and true worshippers will worship Him in Spirit and in Truth."  The timing of the lockdown was quite poignant, from a Christian perspective. A similar thing is going to happen this Thursday evening.  We will celebrate the Inauguration of the Eucharist - with no access to the Eucharist.  And in the Gospel we would have heard - John is the culprit again  - there's actually no mention of the Eucharist.  Instead, the washing of the feet and the request from Jesus, the one and only wish on his bucket list, that we might love and serve each other. This seems like a strange omission, and it's not the only one in John's Gospel.  He makes no mention of The Transfiguration which is very strange because he was there.  He does reference it in his letters.  John is on a very different level from the other three 'seen with one eye' gospels.  Perhaps a closer look at this man, John, can help us now in any suffering we are experiencing.  During the Last Supper there is quite a bit of, let's call it 'unenlightened' behaviour on display.  Fretting and arguing about who'll do this and that, who'll be loyal, who'll be 'there' for Jesus. Big egos on display.  There is only one man in the room who is actually 'present' to Jesus and his name is John.  John isn't speaking, he's not fretting.  He simply leans on Jesus' chest in silence.  Richard Rohr states, "He was one of the few human beings who heard the heart beat of Christ."  He was certainly the last to do so. And the next day, when the others disappeared (why wouldn't they?  They were still operating from their egos and, when push comes to shove, ego will not sustain us.)  But John is where Jesus needs him the next day for a second time.  The only one who was there, along with - as always - the women.  And in his final discourse from the cross, Jesus asks John to make a place in his home for Mary.  The dying Jesus put his mother's welfare in the hands of someone he trusted fully.  Yes, John also fell asleep in Gethsemane, but obviously no permanent damage done there. If John's sensitivity was so visible to Jesus, it might be an idea to go and stay with John for a few days this week, ourselves.  Perhaps last thing at night this week - I'm thinking: kids safely in bed after another day showing us the nature of Jesus' kingdom, bath/shower, cup of cocoa or whatever you drink when you want to be peaceful, comfy armchair, candle lit, then ..... open The Gospel according to St John at the very beginning and then begin to read.  But make it a specific type of reading, still .., quiet ..., hear the words in a whispered tone.  Read it with reverence.  Ask Jesus to give you those eyes that 'see', those ears that 'hear'.  Read it in such a way that you are listening, listening for the gentle sound of Jesus' heart beating .... Fr Steve From Melchior this week: how to deal with boredom and the link for this Sunday's 6pm live session, to which everyone is invited: Online Masses for Passion (Palm) Sunday: and   Watch Here For those who would like to support the Mother Teresa Sisters (Missionaries of Charity) here in Lausanne, as they continue to make food donations to at least 50 disadvantaged families in their area, you are encouraged to deliver bags of imperishable foods to them - Ch de la Foret 2, 1018 Bellevaux - leaving the bags by the garage door please - or to make online donations to: Missionaries of Charity, Lausanne Section - IBAN: CH38 0900 0000 1740 3579 5.  Thank you! The Divine Mercy novena starts on Good Friday, 10 April and ends on Divine Mercy Sunday, 19 April: Confirmation and FHC Preparation: families of our students preparing for Confirmation (7 June) and First Holy Communion (21 June) have been asking if we could provide online classes.  We are looking into this and will keep you informed.  Currently we have no idea if either Mass will go ahead as scheduled, but, again, we will let you know the moment we know more.  Our apologies for the uncertainty and particularly to those who have already booked flights and made hotel reservations. The show goes on: thank you to everyone who has already donated to Fr Steve's anniversary gift (the 30th anniversary of his ordination on 31 May 2020 and the 10th anniversary of his arrival at Our Lady of Faith, September 2020).  If anyone else would like to contribute to the cash gift we will present to him - eventually! - please do so with reference 'Fr Steve Gift' to:  BCV Bank Account No: 10-725-4 IBAN: CH08 0076 7000 K534 3156 6 Account Name: English Catholic Mission Address: Ave de Bethusy 54, 1012 Lausanne

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