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Guided Meditation in English: this Sunday, 22 March at 6pm.  Melchior will do a live guided meditation for whoever would like to join, via this link:  You will be able to ask questions via the Chat Box.

There's a powerful scene at the end of the film - Saving Private Ryan.  Private Ryan returns as an old man to visit the grave of the soldier who lost his life 'saving' him, all those years before.  The old man becomes quite overcome and turns to his wife, in tears, "Tell me I've been a good man ... tell me that my life was worth that man's sacrifice." I don't think any of us are resentful of the restrictions that are presently being imposed.  What seems to be strong in all our consciousness is the plight of those who have died, who will die, and their families.  We would love to do something for them, I guess, but what do we do? I don't believe we should DO anything.  The best thing we can 'do' for our brothers and sisters is more to do with being than any amount of doing.  The old man got it right - "Tell me I've been a good man ..."  I think he was talking about his humanity, not his morality.  Being the best human beings we can be seems like the most profound way to respect the dead and dying. Try to keep close to the scriptures this next few weeks, they are very timely, today's psalm for example - Though I walk through the valley of darkness, nothing will I fear.  You are there at my side ... This psalm is full of profound hope. (This weekend's readings: ) In this darkness, have you noticed that something very profound and beautiful is happening too?  It's not to do with people rallying round each other, which is happening everywhere thankfully.  Something else is going on.  We are all opening our eyes and beginning to see, to really see.  This Sundays gospel, Jesus let's the blind man see again: Someone asked me this week am I not worried that people might not come back to Mass when all this is over?  No, lol.  (I once heard a theologian say that the aim of the Church is to become defunct!)  But it did set me thinking about such things. I wonder if people will return to flying so much when they have months of clear blue sky above them to enjoy? I wonder if they'll ever go back to unreflected purchasing?  Rampant consumerism?  Now that they are experiencing a more simple life. I wonder if they'll discover a new way to be, and drop habits which no longer serve them? I wonder if people will buy into the 'celebrity does virus' which is no doubt around the corner?  I see the pop songs appearing already.  Call me an old hippie, but I thought it was pretty much covered here:'ll continue to post reflections, talks and meditations which might hopefully touch and inspire.  Lastly, for now, I've heard it said often that having an attitude of gratitude is a beautiful way to get through tough times.  Today I'm grateful that for us on this part of the planet, this is happening as Spring arrives.  Look around, you'll see the Good Shepherd everywhere .... Fr Steve


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